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Zippy character designs

One of my newer OCs a demon hunter.
The Midnight chain work in progress by HALEC00, I am still tweaking his look. ~HALEC00 made this for me the original is here [link]

As you can see I used my photoshop skills of epicfail to make pretty chains go everywhere LOL

The Latin bit goes something like this ""Purgatory burns as oblivion condemns, while chains of madness frolic in suffering, spilling darkened blood the curse of chains shall consume, condemning the master of chains. ""

The midnight chain is a semi bad ass demon hunter.

Edit:This basically shows all the changes I did in this pic. LOL I can cut that paste!!! [link]


He is based on off my musings on the staff of darkness (behold my awesome squiggles) [link] .

Half the time I imagine he([link]) has it it in full chain mode warped around his arm digging into the skin and crushing the muscles/bone. The arm works fine hes just in constant pain otherwise he goes into full black/madness + lust mode. The midnight chain is a variant of that mode for the most part only hes a demon hunter and not a space roaming super being of epic fail.
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