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Re: Of Orcs and Men Tips Problems FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheat Codes Strategy Guide

hi =)
stumbled upon this site in search for some hints to clear "difficult".
perhaps itīs just me but i feel like "difficult" is way harder then "normal". im stuck at the fight, just when styx joins you again -.-
"Normal" is really easy to clear if you invest a lot in defensive skills and stamina and just let arcail tank while styx takes out the enemies one after another. also the side quests give you powerful equips.
I tried a more aggressive build since i still need the path of the berserker, but it seems a tankish build on arcail is a must for higher difficulties.
just my opinion... if anyone has some tips for "difficult" or "extreme" please post them, i think iīll visit this site in a few days again
have a good time
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