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Re: Rate This Review: The Last Story

I'm at a sharp disagreement with the points you make.

The Last Story does give you that overhead view and opportunity to plan your approach, but you can literally go in head first and come out winning just as easy. Aside from bosses that force you to put circles down strategically, the game never utilizes that tactical depth. Not to mention the bigger fights slow the framerate down to such a degree, I'm surprised to hear how much value you got out of the game.

For me, I just sort of whacked my way to victory, occasionally dragging enemies into my mage's circles that are placed down under the A.I.'s own discretion. It was fun enough, and I never ran into any problems, but I also never felt the system offering anything worth talking about.

Anyway, you explain your case well enough, though leaving out a lot of extremely important elements that make The Last Story a game and not just a combat system. Of course you already know this, and there's nothing wrong with posting material of any sort here if you're looking for constructive criticism.

Look forward to seeing more from you.
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