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Re: Xcom Enemy Unknown

I came darn close to losing my entire squad again during my first encounter with an ethereal. I wasn't on the verge of losing the game this time, so I should have just retreated when things got dicey, but it was an important sounding mission and I wasn't sure when I'd have another chance to capture an ethereal device. Also, by the time I realized how much trouble I was in, leaving would have meant abandoning one of my veteran soldiers who was unconscious and bleeding out near the enemy ship. I sent in some medics to stabilize the wounded soldier, but each attempt at a rescue mission resulted in more and more soldiers needing to be rescued.

I did succeed in rescuing most of my soldiers in the end, and in completing that mission and capturing the enemy ship, but things could have very easily gone the other way. And I'm not sure I would have been able to build up another newbie squad from scratch. It would have been much safer to just retreat

Other than that, though, it was relatively smooth sailing until the final mission. The two newbie soldiers who survived the insane terror mission from a few posts back were both eventually promoted all the way to major, and they were able to help build up an extremely deadly squad of soldiers.

All of my surviving psionically gifted soldiers were still relative newbies at the time the gollop chamber was completed, so my elite squad of veterans had to escort one vulnerable newbie throughout the final mission.

I lost several more soldiers (including one of the two heroes) during the very final encounter, but was able to secure victory!

I am so, so glad I didn't restart the game at the 10 hour point when I thought everything was lost. I had so much fun just trying to survive for months and months, and then coming back to actually win was thrilling.

-508 Aliens killed
-92 Soldiers lost
-366 Days spent at war. Over a year!
-60 Hours of total playtime (though at least 6 of those hours were spent customizing soldier names/appearances).
-Classic Difficulty Ironman run complete!

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