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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

The Walking Dead on PC - AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE!

I just started the walking dead with the intention of playing episode 2. Firing up, I noticed it didn't save my graphics settings. Ok, annoying but not a big deal. Then I go to the episodes and want to start episode 2, it asks me if I want to generate random decisions for the episodes I skipped.




My savegame has gone. No idea where, I sure as hell didn't delete it.

A series of conflicting emotions later I quit the game and am currently contemplating deleting the fucking thing. I don't want to play through the entire thing in one sitting or even through the first episode again, just to try and see if it bothers to save my progress this time. This interactive movie isn't that good that I desperately want to sit through the cheap scares and series of QTE again. No more telltale games for me, thanks.
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