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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

I haven't been able to post here for a long while, but I've finally finished XCom Enemy Unknown. On Normal difficulty, which was pitched pretty well towards my abilities.

It was frustrating at times, but it's the mark of a really good game that it keeps you coming back, gets under your skin.

Lots wrong with it - shooting through walls was the worst. I get that maybe the first shot of the burst knocks down the wall, and the second kills you, but it was in no way consistent and took a bit of the strategy away.

The final few missions I found half my squad couldn't cross a tiny scorch mark on the floor, while the other half could jump through 10ft high flames. This was amusing enough, as I had to keep taking those guys' turns even though they were half a level behind the others. It would kill you on ironman, this stuff, though.

They also kinda fucked up the end scene on PS3.

But there is a lot of good; the previously mentioned addictive qualites, the cheesy characters, the base strategy and the battlefield strategy. Very accessible to a strategy noob like me too. It probably sounds more bad than good, but that isn't correct. A lot of fun and definitely a GOTY contender.
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