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Re: Xcom Enemy Unknown

Having plasma weapons at all probably helps a lot vs the Sectopods. This was the first Sectopod I'd encountered since finally managing to upgrade to plasma weaponry, and that upgrade probably contributed more than anything else to my narrow victory. I can't wait to see what veteran troops can do with these weapons. I'd love to promote some of my troops along an "anti-mechanical" track as well. Heat Ammo on heavies and Lightning Reflexes for assault troops would both be great vs Sectopods, but none of my troops are leveled up high enough for those.

I've also turned off the enemy health bars, so I can't tell how much damage I'm actually doing. It makes everything a bit scarier.

I haven't had any funny chain reaction panics like that, but generally my troops do all panic at once. Like I'll lose one soldier and the rest will be useless for a turn. So far they've been pretty good about not shooting their squad mates, at least. The few times they've shot toward their mates they've missed, thankfully.

In fact, I'm actually helped by the panic mechanics as often as not. My soldier will end his turn by shooting a Muton, causing the Muton to growl at him, causing my soldier to panic and shoot again, killing the Muton. If the Muton had just stayed quiet he would have probably killed my soldier on his turn. That situation has played out 5 or 6 times so far.

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