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Re: Dark Souls (previously Project Dark)

Great update! Wow, I hadn't thought about the amount of planning that must go into this type of thing.

I haven't ever seen that place where Leeroy can be summoned either? Is it on that series of cliffs that you can shortcut past the pinwheels with? I hate those goddam pinwheels/bonewheels. I was surprised that you went for the catacombs so early but of course you need Pinwheel's extra flasks to give you a fighting chance.

Things have come to a pretty pass when you are scavenging around for things like the Dingy Set! Who would have thought that would be useful...

I started a Faith character the other day and played through to Andre. I am not feeling the love for this character though - where is the fun I have heard of? (Though in fairness, I am basing my character choice on a random post on RPS saying A faith-based character is a lot of fun).

If I roleplay and just use the Miracles rather than Pyromancy or Sorcery, I may see it after a while.

And Astora's sword is the bees knees for the early game. As much of a cheat weapon as the Drake Sword. However I will take your advice and upgrade some other weapons accordingly. Not sure what, I liked the Mace the cleric started with but I need to branch out from one hander + shield territory.

Have you killed the Two Ronnies yet?
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