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Re: Dark Souls (previously Project Dark)

Originally Posted by Pedro View Post
Whoah, tell us more! How did you beat the gargoyles? Did you do much differently from a normal run-through? Have you a plan? How do you plan on defeating the Four Kings? Are you able to hold a shield without getting crushed at the first blow?
The gargoyles are pretty easy and there are 2 summons that can be used anyway. A reinforced club+5 with lightning-damage due to pine resin does lot of damage to them. The toughest so far was Queelagh, who I got in the 3rd attempt. That of course changes with O&S, who already stomped my first attempt to beat them quite impressively.

Overall I died the most so far trying to find a good way through the catacombs, given I have only 8 faith and hence with divine weapons it would take me ages to take out those skeletons. As long as their necromancers are alive kicking them off the cliffs won't work since they would just wait for me downstairs. Running to the first necromancer was not the problem, the second I could backstab before his skeletons swarmed me. I also died a couple of times on the way to and from switches for the rotating platforms. The third necro I ignored and rolled down to the next level to get the shortcut to Vamos, where I tore up the next necromancer on the way. After dying again for a couple of times trying to deal with the bonewheels, I jumped down a slightly different route and summoned Paladin Leeroy, who I just found out about on my last run through by accident. From his summoning spot it's also possible to dash past the bonewheel skeletons and straight to Pinwheel, who is no challange even with SL1. Especially with Leeroy around to draw some of the fire.

The main difference (apart from not levelling, of course ) is the rather limiting selection of weapons, shields and armor to use. Pyromancer has 12 strength but only 9 dexterity, which means he can't use a lot of regular swords already. Let's not even talk about heavy stuff. So I'm went for the reinforced club and the battleaxe in the beginning. Brought them first to +5 and after getting the large ember I made a Raw Battleaxe+5 and got magic weapon, which gives a small damage boost for a short time. But when you're at that level you take everything you get.

I'm not wearing much armor, since I need to be able to roll. I now have a Balder Shield (previously used a heater shield) which is good for blocking, but the low stamina still condemns me to stay on the defensive without being able to attack against some enemies. Dodge and parry are necessary to get further. I also let Lautrec have his way with the firekeeper, so that I can get the dingy set, which has good magic and curse resistance, which I'll need for Seath (if I ever get that far ).

Now I'm having a reinforced mace in both the fire and lightning-variation and I think I should get them upgraded to maximum as soon as possible. The raw battleaxe will be brought to the normal upgrade path and to +14 once I got the very large ember. To +15 if I manage to get more slabs, but in my current condition I'm not sure how I should beat Kalameet to get his slab (actually, maybe it's possible to get the slab quickly and die my way out of the arena, have to try)

The four Kings will be fun... I'll upgrade my lightning club to +5 first anyway and will try power within and/or the red tearstone ring to get the damage needed. If I miss one dodge I'll be toast.
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