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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

XCom Enemy Unknown on classic difficulty. Originally I wanted to play ironman. But now I'm lucky I didn't, because close to the end I encountered a couple of bugs that would have directly lead to me loosing some of my best soldiers, if I'd not been able to restart the mission. For example people getting "stuck" somehow, camera freaking out so that I'd send people absolutely not where I intended to etc. All in all they were just minor annoyances in an otherwise great game, but with a relentless autosave-function they would have been infuriating.

XCom Enemy Unknown is very well put together and doesn't stick to the formula where it doesn't make sense. A lot of the micro-management has been taken away. This micro-management was fun when starting a game of the original X-Com or Terror from the Deep, but got tedious after a while. I don't miss having to give each soldier a electronic light source before each mission, because the premier fighting force of planet earth apparently never heard of IR or low-light vision goggles.

The aliens themselves are also not as goofy as in the original. I like the new alien designs better than the old ones and whoever claimed before launch that the cryssalids in the new game will not be as terrifying clearly has no idea what he's talking about.

All in all a GOTY-contender and recommended to anyone who likes strategy games.
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