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Re: Xcom Enemy Unknown

Restarted, since my first game ended up in a one way street to failure. Not that it's all that much better now. For some reason I mainly get snipers. I had 5 snipers, but only 1 support, 1 assault and 2 heavy. One sniper died, and finally I got a second support as reward for a mission, just before one of my rookies turned out to be another assault.

I already lost Japan and Egypt at the end of month 2. Argentina and South Africa will be lost by end of this month, for sure. I could only launch 2 satellites and with 4 countries in the red I had to choose which one's I can't afford to loose.

Since I was short on money all the time, I don't know I could get satellites even faster than I did. I really wonder how it would be possible to keep all countries on classic difficulty.
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