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Re: What are you playing right now?

I'm still playing the same game of Xcom. I really thought I was done for, but I've manged to scrape together a bit of a comeback. I didn't realize how vital it was to build satellites early, and by the time I actually got them deployed (two or three in game months) the entire world was in the red and ready to cut funding. Luckily I realized my mistake just in time and when I did finally launch satellites, I was able to launch six at once. This alone lowered panic levels enough to keep me in the game. I think the game ends whenever you lose the support of eight countries, and I lost six that month alone.

I've also fallen woefully behind the power curve on the ground war. I've only managed to keep one veteran sniper alive, and in the last three months I've lost 100 percent of the missions that she wasn't available to oversee. Every other soldier I have is practically a rookie. I've been trying to build up a stronger squad, but I can't keep anyone else alive for more than a promotion or two.

I've been putting off assaulting an alien base I found because my squad simply isn't ready. I know I won't be able to retreat from that mission when things start going badly, and I know that if my elite sniper falls the world will follow soon after. Rising panic levels have finally forced my hand, though. The world is once again entirely in the red, and with only five days to go until my next monthly report the only hope left is that taking out that base lowers panic levels across the entire globe.

We attack tonight. Wish me luck. Wish my sniper luck, actually. She's going to need it.

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