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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

Finished the main story of Sleeping Dogs about a month ago and Borderlands 2 yesterday. Both games I enjoyed.

Sleeping Dogs is a fantastic modern day brawler set in an open world. The hand-to-hand combat really works. As a Hong Kong action flick fan I really liked the setting despite having a story that is little cliche. The driving mechanics are great too.

Borderlands 2 answered my complaints about the first game. 1: There is more of a story giving you more sense of purpose. 2: There is more variety to the locations. The game is pretty funny. Maybe not rolling on the floor funny, but gives you a nice chuckle throughout.

Is there still more improvements to be made to Borderlands? Yes, but I am really happy with my time with the game. Same can be said about Sleeping Dogs. *crosses fingers for a sequel*

I plan on returning to both games to play the side quests.

EDIT: Picked up Spec Ops today on sale to see what it is about.
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