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Re: What are you playing right now?

Did you ever continue with the Walking Dead past episode 1?

I have been playing Tokyo Jungle. Very confusing. I started out as a deer, meaning I couldn't really attack anything. Wandered around a grid of streets, marking my territory, mating with other deer, and slowly running out of food. I lasted 30 years (prob 30-45 mins in game) and then got attacked and killed by some goats just as I was tracking down a gazelle boss which I guess would have closed out the level. However my last mate was a mangy deer who was obviously sub-prime (she gave me fleas) and we only had two offspring which were slowly starving to death when the goats attacked.

Very confusing. It appears I have to start from scratch again to progress. Not sure if I will, though the game is exerting some kind of grip on my subconscious.
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