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Exclamation Re: Valhalla Knights 2 Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheat Codes Strategy Guide PSP

I dont know if any of you knew about this wiki.Yes it is in japanese,Yes google translate doesnt translate it that good.But thats about more complete info than any I found in this thread (I stopped reading at page 4 or 5 and directly went to read the 2 last one...)Some loot written in the wiki might be only dropable after clearing the game once or such,like getting Rosalind.I'm not that far in the game yet thought ,but I read alot on the wiki and well..thats that.Also for people getting stuck in having no quest or such,first just scout the most area you can(evading most battle as a thief(main or sub).Then lots of quest should be availaible.But you should keep going on the main quest mostly,there is a list of those here:
Why focusing on main quest?Because I went through a WAY TOO hard quest(that wasnt required to continue the game)And I had a quite good party at the time I took that quest.I went back grinding when I died once,came about 20 levels total more than before.Died as fast as I did first try,I went grinding again for about the same amount of level...same thing that was a Minotaur doing a skill/attack wiping the entire party....but somehow I manage to kill monster in far area which I wouldnt actually should go.Stay clear of that quest "New Hostia Hunt" in Doburi Swamp where they doesnt specify what you have to kill...Or you will have to cancel it or grinding forever(and thats boring doing ONLY that early on)I dont have this quest anymore in the list at the I might not get a 100% game clear,thus not having Rosalind maybe?I warned you
Have fun playing people.
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