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Re: What are you playing right now?

In anticipation of a new lovers arrival I started a new game in X-Com (the 1994 original). If they would just take the original game and give it some high-res sprites it would sell like cupcakes. I started out with my base on Crete, after shooting UFO's down left, right and centre more bases got built and now I have Americom (in Panama), Asiacom (Taiwan), Kiwicom (New Zealand) and Pacificom (Russia's east coast). This is also the first time it occurs to me how ridiculously overpowered psionics are in the late game. I have one soldier with a psionic strength of 99 (her name is Evelyn Thompson, a sharpshooter, a psyker, a legend) and she can take out entire battleships alone by chain-mind-controlling aliens and hence forcing them to kill each other. Even high-level alien psykers like Etherals pose little problem, I just need a second attempt sometimes.

But now I'm mainly waiting for Firaxis' take on the series. XCom is pre-ordered for months already.
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