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Re: What are you playing right now?

Still working my way through Bioshock, and I think I'm getting pretty close to the end. My enthusiasm is waning a bit- the penalty for dying is insubstantial (at worse, a two-minute trek back to where you were), and it's started to rely on a few jump scares, which I was not impressed with. The game does brilliantly building up the atmosphere and making you panic at earlier points in the game. I'm enjoying it immensely despite any minor quibbles I have with it, but if Bioshock 2 really is just more of the same, I'll be giving that one a miss for now. Still finding it to be a great game, though- plenty of variety as far as shooters go, and the aesthetic of Rapture has subtly changed, some really cool touches as you progress through this strange city.

Saw that Torchlight is included in the current Humble Bundle, and it's a game I've wanted to try for ages (nearly pre-ordered TL2 on Steam, purely because it came with a free copy of the original game). Quite looking forward to playing it later on this evening. The bundle as a whole seems pretty cool, actually. Vessel is a game I'm eager to check out in the near future.
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