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Re: FTL: Faster Than Light Tips Problems FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheat Codes Strategy G

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Download Cheatengine and search for a 4 Byte adress with the value of you scraps. Spend some money or win some scraps, then search for the new amount. When there are only 2 adresses left, edit either one of them to get as much scraps as you like.

To get a better start, you can edit the data.dat in the resources folder of your game directory. At first, backup the data.dat file, then search for <weaponBlueprint name="MISSILES_2_PLAYER"> and edit the weapon. Give it a damage of 4, as well as fireChance and breachChance of 3. You can then search for "Kestrel" and enhance your starting ship. If you overdo it, the game will crash at the beginning. Then simply change back your edits or load the backup. Have fun!
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