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Re: FTL: Faster Than Light Tips Problems FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheat Codes Strategy G

when you start look for a few battles to build up as much scrap as possible. when your at about 150-160 scrap upgrade your shields 2 times and upgrade your power 3 times. during the battles try to target the enemys weapons and sheilds(if their sheilds are too powerful focus them and try to get them to abbout one sheild level focus their weapons). when in engi space look out for two things. first is fake fugitive rescues 1/3 times the ship that's chasing the fugitives is full of mantis. the other thing is distress beacons from deseased stations if you dont have a lvl 2 med bay or a engi crew member just walk away youl loose one of your crew if you try to wend all of your crew down to help. the most important thing in this game is dont fall behind periodicaly upgrade your weapons and sheilds when you pass the 5th sector the fights get realy tough whitouth enoug firepower or sheilds. hope this helps oh and sorry for any grammar mistakes english is not my first language
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