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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

Batman:Arkham Asylum on hard mode... Wasn't really that hard.

As I described in the "currently playing" thread, the jumps in difficulty only seem to be a lack of visual warning when about to be attacked, making it harder, in theory, to counter attack, and a slightly higher awareness of armed guards whilst you're doing the whole stealth thing. The former wasn't a problem, as it's normally obvious from the way the baddies are moving when they will attack (they all seem to fight in a melodramatic way, like they're from the camp 1960's Batman television show featuring Adam West), and the ONLY time the lack of visual warning really added to the difficulty was during the Poison Ivy fight, where the camera is panned out a lot further than normal. Sitting closer to the TV rectified this.

As for the stealth sections, they felt more satisfying than I remember, but your enemies still felt robotic and unhuman. I mean, seriously, they NEVER check the conveniently placed gargoyles in every stealth room, unless they actually see Batman escape to one? Batman can make a ton of noise taking a grate of a wall, but the guards won't check? I really had a lot less fun playing the game this time round, and this is before we even get to the monotonous boss fights, and the fact that the auto-explode upgrade for the gel is not only useless, but actually *limits* your tactics more than if you don't choose it as an upgrade...

Still a good game, but I'm not entirely sure it's deserving of the title of a great one. I had a fantastic time playing it- the melee combat, imparticular, is excellent. It all feels solid, and there are very few "bad" design choices. Whilst I didn't enjoy any of the new characters, the majority of what they've done with existing Batman lore was very pleasing, and I say this as a huge fan of the comic books (with the exception of Harley Quinn's new look- I approve of the tits, but give me the more ridiculous, OTT original costume any day). I also got into the Riddler's challenge's more this time,and as side quests in games go, I had a lot of fun with that. It's just not the game I remembered.

Bit annoyed that the GOTY edition of Arkham City has now been delayed until November rather than this month, but I'm certainly no less looking forward to that game than I was (further damage done to Ms. Quinn's dress sense, aside). I just really hope the army I'm up against in AC act more like people, rather than every armed guard confrontation feeling like a big, violent puzzle.
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