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Re: How to Train Your Dragon Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheat Codes Strategy Guide

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I have already won astrid tournament and found the scale. my dragon is level 16.what i do next?I don't want to take the championship because my dragon level is too low.
train in the ancient training ground with all you'r dragons,in the championship the dragons are 20 and up but I beat them with a level 11. as long as all you'r dragons have learnt everything in the training arena under melee and fire you'r dragons will be fine. Night furies are the best choice I have found, not going to give away anything but when you come to snotlout and his dragon keep shaking the wii-mote, dont block and dont stop, this way snlotlouts dragon doesnt have a chance to counter the attack, you are going to get hit occasionally but he's going to fare worse.
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