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Re: Ethanol/Alcohol in gas, is it worth the price?

Originally Posted by RandomRob View Post
Nope. It's pretty much been a failure in South America. And corn prices are going sky high here in the states.. add that to the cost of processing... the damage it does to internal combustion engines... it's a joke. I worked at a Chevrolet dealership when they rolled out company info on the new 'Flexfuel' program. It was nonsense. All they were saying was that you could put either ethanol or gas in your tank.. but there was no engineering done. There were just stickers on the vehicles.

SO in answer to your question, no.

Then you mean yes, it needs to die :P

Brazil seems to be doing good with it, can't find much info against what they are doing with it.

Still Alcohol as fuel for engines is made of much fail.
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