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Re: Last movie impressions

Knight Rises Ha ha. Whilst I think what Rob says, above, I have a feeling I think it was less of a trainwreck.

I'll start off by saying that I think it's overshadowed by the previous two films, but I went into the cinema expecting this. The first problem, for me, was Catwoman. I've always thought she was a weak character, and that doesn't change here, at all. At least they got someone hot playing her this time though, it was about time.

The fact that Batman is barely in the film, really, is the next big problem. The scenes with him as plain old Bruce Wayne in captivity just weren't interesting to watch.

Regarding Bane's "pseudo Marxist shit"-accurate comment, but I found him to be a fairly entertaining character nevertheless. Wasn't as gripping as he should have been, and I have no idea why the felt the need to mix his backstory from the comics up, but you know what? I really liked him.

Can't be bothered to go into any more detail as typing on my phone is painfully slow, but I'd give this film a 6/10- still above average, but far worse than a film acting as the conclusion in this trilogy should have been.
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