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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

Spec Ops: the Line

Urgh, tough one. While the gameplay was pretty tedious (is there anything worse in gaming than the last 3 levels of an FPS?), I really liked what they tried to do there. When the premiere shooter is being advertised by Oliver North, it's refreshing to see some developers attempt to do something different with the genre.

Unfortunately, they largely fail, IMO. The story they tell just doesn't make any sense in the end.

I found the game to be quite difficult on Normal; I loved the environments - the decadent opulence of Dubai really came across well - and I liked that you had to make questionable decisions to proceed. I would recommend it, just to see what they have done, even though the game was a bit of a slog at times.

I'll definitely keep an eye out for their next game, and I am impressed at 2K for publishing this - I'd imagine pitching this game was a nightmare, so kudos for the big publisher who took it on.
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