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Re: Borderlands 2

Yeah, I'll be getting it, but I'm not actually sure whether I'm looking forward to it or not. As you say, the first one was decent but lacking. I played through it in co-op with my brother and he loved it but I got a little bored with the constant charging from A to B and killing everything in sight. That's what we're doing now with Dead Island too - maybe I'm doing co op wrong?

Anyway, I was horrified to hear that the campaign is 60 hours long, if that's even true. But as it's a sequel it's bound to do a lot of stuff better. I was delighted to hear that you automatically pick stuff up if you're near it rather than having to position the cursor on it and press X etc.

Even so, it'll probably be a Day 1 purchase. I'll be getting it on PS3 but the time difference is possibly a bit awkward for co-op!

How is the new job going, btw?
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