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Re: What are you playing right now?

Really? I was going to wait for price cuts but I may get this now. It would be a pity if it's that good and doesn't sell well.

Besides, I have Dragon's Dogma to trade against it.

I haven't actually managed to finish it despite my best attempts; I'm now in the final boss battle against the dragon, and 90 minutes into the battle I've only taken 2 health bars off him (out of ten). In that 90 mins there were a lot of cutscenes, and very impressive sub-battles, but now I'm in the main arena and there is no way I'm spending another 2 hours on this fight. I'm either woefully underlevelled for this fight, or I've messed it up beyond repair in some other way.

It's a shame, as it is a really good game overall and I would encourage you to buy it. Does so much right, and I even ejoyed all the cheesy pawn dialogue which made it seem that you were dragging around a bunch of idiot-savants the whole game. Makes me smile even now!
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