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Re: What are you playing right now?

I just finished the single player for Spec Ops: The Line. I'll try to keep it vague below.

Wow. A pedestrian first half that goes insane for the middle arc and then full-on bugfuck crazypants for the ending.

I wish the story and the aesthetics and the acting had been paired with better gameplay mechanics, because some of the stuff this game pulls off in the campaign story is phenomenal and an amazing counterpoint to the "RAH RAH SHOOT ALL THE DUDES OSCAR MIKE" shooters we've been getting for the last half-decade.

Small tidbit: the loading screens become amazing for the last bit. I won't say how or why, I'll just say that Yager pulled off something special from a narrative standpoint and it almost finds a way to reignite the 'games as art' debate.
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