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Re: Listener Q&A Feedback for Episode 76

what is your zompacalypse plan? Where will you go when the crap hits the fan? Tell us what 3 weapons you would have, you cannot pick the internet.


I would go to a tall building, at least 5 stories, and knock out the stairs to all but one staircase above the third floor, creating a more permanent shelter with an entrance that can be easily watched.

I would likely go to a place with a very cold winter, zombies would probably freeze solid and not be an issue during the coldest months of the year.

Finally i would take as my weapons a machete, because they can never run out of bullets, an ak-47, because they can be filled with mud and still fire without jamming, and a maglight, because you dont realize how dark it can get until all the lights IN THE WORLD are shut off, and because if all else fails, it can be used efficiently as a club.
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