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Re: Formative games

I posted this already some time ago, but here to reiterate three important games in my gaming-history:

X-Wing (1993)
This game influenced me twofold. The "German" version had a German manual but the whole game was in English, which resulted in me learning english to understand the game. Me having only very basic english skills at that time collided with the games relatively complex nature. It was one of my very first PC games and I was still used to the standard NES controller with not many buttons beside A and B. Now this comes along with missions that are more complex than "just kill everyone". Mindblowing!

UFO - Enemy Unknown (1994)
I never felt afraid for any character in a game before UFO. I was getting used to the heroes of the game being more powerful but at least as powerful as the opponent. I was used to the enemies in a game to use simple patterns, with Mega Man being already rather complex (lol). UFO turned this upside down. The invading aliens were cunning, unpredictable and physical superior to the men and women I commanded. When a grenade blew up three of my soldiers I felt like I let them down. Everytime a sniper killed one of my scouts without me seeing him I felt helpless. The first time I finished a mission without loosing anyone was a triumph! When I invaded Cydonia and my best soldier was mind controlled and blew himself and 2 others up I was in shock. When I finished the mission after all I felt like I'm on top of the world.

Demon's Souls (2010 in Europe, 2009 everywhere else)
One of the most satisfying games I ever played. People say its "hard" but I disagree. It is unforgiving, but it doesn't punish you for playing. It punishes you for having a "jump right in and worry later"-mentality you get awarded for in most other games. It also made me rethink online gaming.
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