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Re: What are you playing right now?

Fallout New Vegas, still.

Taking me a while to make it through this. Very mixed feelings, and overall more negative than I was towards Fallout 3.

I've reached the New Vegas strip itself, and it's just endless "walk here, talk to this person, walk here, talk to this person, walk back to original person, speak to another person..." I'm very lucky if I get to shoot someone in the face with my Magnum at the moment. I'm not complaining that there's not enough action, but if they're going to make talking and diplomacy an integral part of the game, they needed to make it more interesting- not a virtual form of chinese whispers, barely any better than a generic fetch-quest.

Well, I made it to Benny and he got away, so I now have to mess around finding him. I really like the story, and at the moment it's my only incentive to keep playing.

Ergh, it's just even duller than Fallout 3. At least that one seemed too be able to keep the momentum going the majority of the time. I tend to play New Vegas before I go to bed, because it makes me sleepy.
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