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Re: I'm afraid of Metro: Last Light

Ha ha, no. I'm getting truly sick of playing New Vegas though, and having her walk into the room just as a nightkin decides to attack me (New Vegas is starting to piss me off in general, but I'll elaborate more in the correct thread...)

I may pick it the first Metro up cheap. The game seemed to have pretty polarising reviews, but it seems to have gone down well with the regulars on here. I just won't be playing it in the dark, and will strictly be one for when I'm the only one around!

Regarding Far Cry 2/3, my problem with the second one was that it seemed to be "non stop shooter action". They had many great ideas, but they were almost all poorly implemented. I'd love to have played in that open world, but without ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE being out to kill me (except basically just, inexplicably, people in that town area. I've just slaughtered fifty of your comrades, but because we're in a specific square of land, you're just gonna hand me missions instead of killing me? Ok.)

Again, probably one for another thread, but I HATED that game...!!!
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