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I'm afraid of Metro: Last Light

So, this is totally speculative, but I just finished Metro 2033 and had strong feelings about it, so when I saw the videos for Last Light out of E3, I thought this:

Metro 2033 was a flawed game. It didn't know if it wanted to be a stealth/action game or a straightforward FPS, it had trouble communicating this difference to the player, and the story completely fell apart about halfway through. In spite of this it managed to be an enthralling title that pulled me in and made me want to know more about it's world and the people that inhabited it. My hopes for the inevitable sequel were pretty high. I thought, "With better level design, a more cohesive story, and better introductory levels, the next game will be great!"

There was so much good material there. Having to find a safe place to manually recharge your battery while surrounded by enemies. Killing a man with a silenced weapon did not guarantee that your murder would go unnoticed. Needing an incredibly precise shot to take out an enemy silently. The gas mask, while obnoxious to keep track of on a standard definition set, created a further level of tension when outside the safety of the metro tunnels.

All of these elements contributed to a highly suspenseful and terrifying environment. This kind of gameplay is sorely missing in an era when so few legitimate survival-horror games are being made. Adding these elements to an otherwise conventional FPS made me believe that a sequel could be just the thing to get the FPS genre out of its recent stagnation. The original had so much potential and went in the wrong direction so many times.

Tragically, it looks as though Metro Last Light is going to be a big let-down for me. Obviously I haven't played the game, but everything I've seen so far looks like the same FPS shoot-em-up non-stop action that keeps getting pumped out year after year. There's nothing inherently wrong with that, and there is certainly nothing wrong with it being used in survival-horror as a way to pace the game. But the clips I've seen of the game thus far make the main character, Artyom, appear powerful. Nothing ruins the tension of survival-horror like feeling powerful.

This power issue is something the first game definitely got wrong. Artyom narrates the load screens and he kept telling me how scared he felt in the library archives. Well, shit, I didn't feel scared. Every time I saw a monster I blasted it in the face repeatedly with a big gun. When I died, I felt frustrated, not scared.

Enough rambling. What do you think of what you've seen so far? Did you enjoy 2033 and are excited for Last Light? Did you hate 2033 and are excited for Last Light? Or do you just say "screw it" and play Amnesia or Penumbra for the thirteenth time?
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