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Re: Dragons Dogma

Ah, I need to go back to the encampment to boost some skills then. I need to do that anyway as I got stuck at the gate/bridge to the capital - I took your advice about not doing quests literally and missed the encampment missions completely.

I'm not delighted that I have to do two mandatory missions, one of which is an escort one, to get through that gate though.

I do have some complaints about the game - one is that as I'm playing a fighter with a shield, if I hit the attack button with the shield up, I go into one of the special moves which may be totally inappropriate, so that is a bit awkward so far.

The other is the two separate equipment menus (guaranteed to go into the wrong one every time) and the UI in general is just terrible.

But when all is said and done, I'm really looking forward to getting back to it.

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