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Re: Dragons Dogma

Originally Posted by Pedro View Post
The game is intriguing. I've logged off, and don't know if the pawns return to their masters now, or wait until I fire them.
They stay with you until you replace them with other pawns. When you return them to their master, you can give them a rating (5 starz plz? ) and give them a gift. Also, they don't level up in your game, they only level up in their master's game.

And: Bandits in this game are really tough. Unlike other RPG where you wipe the floor with them between breakfast and lunch, they can be a threat for quite a number of levels.
What is the deal with levelling up? Can I distribute XP, skills etc?
You can distribute XP to buy skills only in the inn at the capital or certain other spots like camps. Changing your class or the class of your pawn is only possible in the capital city (for which you pay XP).

I could have done with a shorter night-cycle. You can see nothing at night, and are generally stuck out in the wilds where monsters await.
Until you're level 20 or so, you REALLY want to be in a camp or city when night falls
There is no real scaling according to your level and you will encounter things at night you probably can't even tickle at this point.

Anyway, must go and watch Holland being beaten in the Euros
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