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Re: Diablo 3

This is actually the first time I am thinking about asking for a refund. I never bought a game that was simply unplayable weeks after launch. On the other hand I did finish the game 2 times now (normal and nightmare with my lovely warrior woman) and spent more time on it already than I do for a lot of other games (20 hours is my usual maximum playtime, except for the Souls-games, Mount & Blade, Civ 2 & 4, 4X-space games and Deus Ex Human Revolution).

I can assure you this is not normal for pc games these days. But it is from a developer I bought every game of since Warcraft 2. I never had problems with Blizzard games and they were always beautifully crafted. After all they are the last developer that doesn't give release dates way in advance and used to release a game "when it's done". This is not the case anymore. This adds a lot to my disappointment.
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