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Re: What are you playing right now?

I just hit the 200 hour mark in Skyrim.

The first 100 hours or so were amazing. Skyrim was my first Elder Scrolls game, and I'd never encountered such a vast yet detailed world in a game before.

In one of the gamecritics podcasts someone (I forget who) mentioned that the stories in Skyrim felt like they were a fanfiction writer's dream, with just enough hooks provided to create your own narratives around. I definitely agree with that assessment (not that I've ever written fanfiction, but I do see the appeal). I spent more time and energy role-playing in Skyrim than I ever have in any other game. I spent a lot of time thinking about who my character was, how she was changing, and which missions it made sense for her to do. I'm confident the path I took through those first 100 hours was uniquely my own.

Around the 100 hour point the feel of the game began to change. I stopped receiving three new quests for every one I managed to complete. Role playing became more difficult as I started running out of quests that were an obvious fit for my character and I started to do ones that were more of a stretch. By this point I'd also learned how all of the game's various systems worked (alchemy, enchanting, shouts, etc). There was still plenty left to do in the game, but not very much left to learn.

It was around here that Skyrim stopped being the game I played when I wanted to actively think and figure things out, and instead became the game I play when I want to relax. And while that's certainly a downgrade, I'm still having a lot of fun leisurely walking back and forth across the world, completing random quests as I go. And I'm still discovering new details, areas, and stories that make the continued time spent in Tamriel worthwhile.

I was holding out writing a post like this until I could put it in the "post here when you beat a game" thread, but I've come to realize that that isn't going to happen any time soon, if ever. I'm even toying with the idea of starting a new character so I can explore some of the more morally questionable plot lines that it will never make sense for my primary character to pursue. I guess my friends were right when they told me no one really finishes Elder Scrolls games.

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