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Re: Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Colonization Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheats Strat

0 bell strategy surely works, but it takes all the fun of it!!

New strategy: produce liberty bells like crazy since you found your first colony. Get you rebel sentiment as high as posible before revolting, so your units will get rebel sentiment bonus in combat. Even if you have to face an overall strike force of 300 soldiers, 150 dragoons, 100 artilleries and 40 MoW, they will come up in waves of 10 or 20 at a time, your units will be stronger, and you will wipe them out like flies.

Rebel sentiment bonus in combat is your overall rebel sentiment minus 50%. So if it is around 90% you will get a combat bonus of 40% (Simon Bolivar doubles this effect so you will get 80%!!!).

This is how it works:

- Build just one coastal city close to Europe, with at least one forest plot, if you have fish better. There you will produce lots of food with fishermen, and build warehouses and college/university asap. Your other cities should all be inland, and each will be specialized in one industry (coats, cigars, cloth and Rum). For example, a cigar city must have at least two grassland plots for tobacco and forest plot. The same for other industries. Build factories in all of them with 2 or 3 specialists each. You will also need a Gun production city, so look out for a location where you have 3 hills and 2 forests plots. There you will build ironworks and arsenal. With 3 blackmiths and 3 gunsmiths, some founding fathers and high rebel sentiment, you can produce up to 100 guns a turn!
- It is important to produce lots of food in all your settlements so buy or train in indian villages lots of farmers (don't train them in your schools because graduation time grows exponentially with each new graduate). Soon you will be pumping out lots of colonists. I even found cities only for food and horse production. It is important to be able to bring new reinforcements each turn, while the king can't.
- Each time you found a new city, put at least one colonist to produce bells to increase rebel sentiment. Upgrade to statesmen later. That way you will get most of founding fathers. Use your university only statemen training. You will need 3 per city.
- Before revolution produce military points to get founding fathers that give free upgrades (+1 dragoon movement, formation, ranger, veteran I). Buy as many veteran soldiers as you can (ask the king for protection, he will sell them for cheap). They are worth it because they get XPs faster than militia units. Buy lots of horses. You should have at least 20 dragoons and 6 soldiers. That should be enough even you have to face overwhelming numbers.
- When you declare independence, put 6 to 8 soldiers in your coastal city. This will prevent the king from attacking from ships. When they land attack with your dragoons restlessly. They will almost every combat. Heal them in closest inland city. It is useful to have a unit with surgeon upgrade fortified in this city. Keep this up and you will defeat them easily.

Don't allow the king to capture any of your cities as it will drop your sentiment down.
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