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Re: What are you playing right now?

The Mage Knight Boardgame is excellent, can recommend it even for people who don't have anyone to play with, as it's even fun played solo. Actually while playing solo nobody is nagging me if I take longer to plan my turn ^^

I finally managed to play some Diablo 3, together with the 6.3 million other players. It is quite fun for a game which consists of clicking on things until they are dead. But they die in such satisfying fashion. Some demons just explode when I slash them, with the right skills they cause damage while exploding, which can result in some hilarious chain reactions with lesser enemies. The story feels very 90ies, with static characters over-delivering camp fantasy cliches. Broken up by really nice cutscenes, which seemed to have been writen, directed and implemented by an entirely different team than the rest of the plot.

Error 37 didn't occur since Sunday, but I had significant lag-spikes in my 'singleplayer' games and annoyingly a lot of errors when I try to use the auction house. I can't create auctions for some items for no other reason than 1347 (wut?) and when I bid on items it's usually resulting in an error, telling me my bid is too low. I do like the new skill system. In D2 there were plenty of classes where early skills were utterly useless. That's not the case in D3 and some runes alter the very nature of a given skill.

Some light, some shadows, not a game I could put a number on to determine it's quality.
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