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Re: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheat Codes Strategy Guid

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I've got a few questions. I'm thinking on buying this game, but it's supposed to be very hard. Is it possible to meet up with someone you don't know in the game? For example, if I agreed to meet someone over the internet, would I be able to find them in the game? If so, how? Also, I would be grateful for any tips for a noob at this game, as this is my first MH game, like weapons, armour and how to get materials etc.
No online play..unless you get Xlink weapon....the easiest n best for DPS would be any of the swords....they're easy to use...then once u get used to the monsters u can switch weapons that have no shield like the longsword, dual blade, or bow and arrow. So basically just play with sword n shield n repeat a monster till you know it then switch weapons and see which u the beginning just farm anything and everything u see lol that's basically it....everything u learn is from playing and learning the monsters.
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