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Re: What are you playing right now?

Something I want to add to my previous posting, since I was asked this question by a friend of mine: "Is Warlock - Master of Arcane the shiny new modern Master of Magic I've been waiting for?"

I can answer this question with a clear: no.

It's missing a special something that games like Civ, Master of Orion or Master of Magic possess. That special something that wants me to replay the game in different forms. There are a lot of different leaders, but the main difference is just the race they present, of which there are 3: monsters, undead and humans. But when a undead or monster city is taken, it's possible to get pretty much the whole tech tree for the respective race. There is no incentive to start the game as undead once it's been completed as human or monster, since the probability is high all major units have been used during the campaign.

There is also no alternative way of completing the main campaign. Your only option is warfare. Unlike Civ, MOO etc. where there are victory conditions for diplomatic or tech-victories, here it's all about warfare. The game Warlock reminds me the most of is actually Fantasy General, not Master of Magic. Like in Fantasy General I feel like I'm shoveled from one war to the next (where I dominate everything with my overpowered units). There is no sense of building a fantasy-civilization. The only reason to build cities is to have more production capabilities to get more of the better troops than the enemies have.

There are different worlds and planes, but they feel like window-dressing. Other worlds can give more powerful spells but also contain more powerful foes. But with a group of Paladins of Death upgraded beyond reason it's no problem to invade Narnia. And it's a bit pointless, really, since all those shiny new spells are not necessary to beat any enemy encountered during the game.

It's like all the pieces of the puzzle are on the table, but they struggled to make a coherent picture out of them. This is a game that would really benefit from dedicated modders that bring it closer to the MoM-formula.
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