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Re: What are you playing right now?

Warlock - Master of Arcane, which at first glance looks like Civilization with fantasy units. But this wouldn't do either game justice. It is a strategy game with a map divided in hexagonal pieces and has city-building elements a tech tree, which just consists of different magic, religion and fancy sounding fantasy units to shovel around. Paladins of Death sounds like a highschool metal-band but is indeed the name of the strongest unit I have at the moment. Where it differs to Civ is the scope. Civ was about getting your civilization from cave paintings to space exploration. Warlock feels more like it's covering a lengthy military campaign, think world war in fairy-land. Diplomacy is fairly limited and Alliances don't hold long. In fact I haven't noticed any advantage of an Alliance over a non-aggression pact. AI is good, but acts inconsistent sometimes. First they declare war, as I seize two towns close to their capital they ask for peace, just to declare war again 2 turns later, even though their situation hasn't gotten any better. I'd say the AI is too aggressive for it's own good, but has some neat tricks and acts way smarter than in Civ. So far thumbs up.
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