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Re: Sports Games

woah, someone should kickstarter a ninja golf 2 straight away

I was wondering where the alligators are, but sharks are almost as good.

Originally Posted by abfackeln View Post
Sports games are meant for sports fans not game fans. You can't compare it to other types of games. They want to keep track of their favorite players and so on.
I see your point. I don't see this logic applying to myself however, as I do like football but still find myself bored by FIFA 11 (haven't tried 12 yet). The same way I like martial arts (and was doing some forms of martial arts until I finished uni, changed countries and didn't find a nice dojo), but I don't like realistic fighting games. Instead I prefer the over the top streetfighter-type of fighting games. I also love climbing, but I'm not sure if a climbing simulator would be all that much fun as a game. Climbing in games like Assassins Creed or Uncharted is as realistic as Mario Kart is as a racing game.
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