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Re: Mount & Blade

After the Sarranid Sultanate started wars with the Khergit Khanate and the Swadians I realized it's getting time for me to start moving. I waited patiently for all three parties to smash against each other. When the Sultanate captured a castle near my capital in a long and costly siege, I knew my moment to strike was here.

I declared war on the Sultanate and laid siege on the castle myself, capturing it in no time. Jeremus only needed 8 hours to get the siege ladders ready, compared to the 30 hours it took me to lay siege on the other castles I captured so far. I pushed back one attempt to retake the castle straight away and two Sarranid armies that were wandering around my territory.

This was when I realized how differently the factions wage war. While the Khergits were always ferociously attacking and every battle resulted in chaos, the Sultanate troops are much more disciplined. They use terrain and cover better and are not afraid of waiting in defensive positions for me to attack when outnumbered.

The retaliation strike was a siege on Malayurg castle, the first castle I claimed for myself, hence birthplace of my kingdom. I am aware that it was probably just random. But I like to think it was a result of cunning planning by the Emirs, trying to beat me at the place where all began. Would they be able to teach me little upstart a lesson?

Accompanied by Lord Clais and Lord Mirchaud I attacked the Sarranid forces, resulting in the largest land battle of this war. The victory cost me some good troops but I still had enough for the big prize: the town Narra. I laid siege on Narra and within hours the ladder was ready. The defenders were superior in numbers but unexperienced. They were no match to the elite troops I fielded, consisting of Nord Huscarls, Swadian Knights, Sword Sisters, Vaegir Marksmen, Rhodok Sergeants and Sharpshooters.

After the battle was over, the Sultanate immediately asked for peace. I accepted and so the war was over after just about 3 days. Three days during which I captured a castle, a town and three villages.
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