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Re: What are you playing right now?

I'll let you know. I've only had one 2-hour session so far, where I did the first mission (though this is my third time starting the game so Steam shows 6 hours. I need to persevere with this playthrough).

It looks pretty sweet so far - sweet as in strange and oppressive that is. I've wandered around a little after the mission (where I got a shotgun, so I feel safer now) and there are packs of dogs roaming around, a dead body or two, soldiers in helicopters, bandits and some strange stuff happening off in the distance - strange localised lightning flashes etc.

So it is too early to tell, though promising. I am playing the first one, Shadow of Chernobyl, so getting into the Zone and seeing the power plant (which is marked on the map) is intriguing. I would say Vanilla, but I have the Complete mod installed, which removes a lot of the bugs, I think, as well as a tonne of other stuff.
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