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Re: Mount & Blade

Still haven't started a war against the Sarranids. Still gathering an army. Currently I have about 60 Swadian Knights and 60 Sword Sisters ready to go. But for the upcoming sieges I want more Nord Huscarls.

I also tried some mods. First of all Diplomacy, which is supposed to give more options and make realm-management easier, but just confused me tenfold. Then I had a look at Freelancer, which has nothing to do with the Space Opera from Microsoft. It's about not having a warband yourself, but being employed as soldier for one of the countless Lords, Jarls, Emirs etc.

To try out Freelancer I created a new character, Conan. He looks slightly like someone who could be called Arnold. First thing was of course being attacked by a dozen deserters as soon as I left Sargoth, where I started the game. My until that point 2 recruits got slaughtered, I got captured. After escaping I was out for revenge and attacked the remaining 8 deserters alone. It was a long and bloody fight, which I won due to superior mobility (i.e. a horse). I got more recruits and was immediately attacked by Sea Raiders. They slaughtered my recruits, of course, but piece by piece I could beat the Sea Raiders. Again without men, I was ambushed by Looters. Thanks to the Sea Raiders I had quite good Equipment by now and killed all 14 looters who dared to attack Conan with sticks and rocks.

Slaughtering my way back to Sargoth I could do the opening Quests and ended up with some money and after a successful tournament I was invited to the feast where I went into service for Jarl Haeda. Not without flirting with his sister, Lady Bergit. That I talked to his sister without his prior approval angered Jarl, and him being my current boss I expected the worst straight away. I went on the first campaign with him against Vaegir troops. Two battles and some time in the garrison later I was already considered a Nord Veteran. During my leave I was sneaking to Lady Bergit, who asked me quite straightforward if I want to marry her. I didn't even need the poem I studied. Well, that was easy... if only Jarl Haeda wasn't so annoyed about it. His approval towards me plummeted again.

While my fiance is preparing the wedding feast, I went on a mission for King Ragnar to deliver a letter. I was ambushed (again!) by Vaegir deserters. Their 14 against my 11. Their 14 were elite-cavalry with heavy armor, lances and war horses. My 11 consisted of 4 crossbow wielding mercenaries, the rest was peasants. It was a massacre. At the end of the battle, Conan was the last one standing, surrounded by bodies of friend and foe alike.

I'm starting to see a pattern here...
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