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Re: What are you playing right now?

Mortal Kombat, for the Vita. Can't remember if I mentioned I was playing the Xbox version on here, but I loved it enough that I felt compelled to get the Vita version for the extra content (not to mention, having something to play on it!)

Christ, I love this game so. I can't imagine it's the connoisseur's choice of fighting game, but I certainly wouldn't classify it as a button basher, either. It's easier to get into than most beat 'em ups, which must be some of it's appeal. The story mode I've just started going through, and I forgot how much I loved the concept of the storyline. Exactly how a reboot of a series should be done.

The added extras are all fun- the DLC characters from the big version are all here, new costumes for many of the fighters, and a new challenge tower, which implements the Vita's features (for example, Fruit Ninja with an MK twist via the touch screen).

On the downside, the graphics are UGLY. When everything is moving and playing as normal, it looks fine, but when it goes in for a close-up of the characters... just wow. Looks like the character models have been taken from a PSP game. A real shame.
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