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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

Thanks for the welcome and response to my post. I've been lurking on and off for the last year! Hopefully from now on I can make an appearance a little more often.

Talking about the difficulty of the game, had I tried the game on hard I am almost certain that I would have shelved Guerilla long before the finish...I went through the whole game on normal. Even on middle difficulty I found the missions frustratingly difficult. In terms of finishing, you are only missing a mediocre cut scene, there is no mind blowing resolution as a payoff for the effort that you put in.

It is thought provoking to see how much you like the game JLB. I've been thinking more about what turned me off it. I suppose I lost interest in the destruction mechanic quite rapidly, while it seems like you found that dimension really compelling. I felt that most of the vehicles I drove into the buildings got damaged and caught fire before I had caused any substantial damage, which meant I was sprinting away to find another dumper truck. Then rinse and repeat. If the story had been stronger then I may have felt more positive about the whole experience.

For the combat with the EDF, I agree that it was a pleasant change to introduce genuine traversal over the game world as a means of going from A to B for the enemy soldiers rather than teleportation! I just did not warm to the combat though, I found it awkward and far too easy to get stuck in scenery and a number of times I fired rockets that blew up in my face and I was certain I was aiming correctly, avoiding all nearby masonry. The game was strongest in the vehicles for me.

To add to the positives, apart from the Walker moments, I also enjoyed the spotter missions as a change from the standard drive and destroy gameplay.
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