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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

Originally Posted by GoldenDie View Post
Red Faction Guerilla, Xbox360Anyone in the forum have any experience with it?
Not seen you on here before, welcome to the forum

I've gone on about how great I think this game is. I think it's a classic, I loved it. But, as mentioned in response already, the last mission is unfairly difficult- especially when you're playing on hard mode as it is! Alas, I have yet to finish it. Shame, as I thought everything else about the game is great. I didn't think the enemy AI was that bad at all (I remember being impressed with the fact that, instead of spawning out of thin air, they'd arrive at the scene of a conflict in armoured vehicles and have to make their way to you first), and I haven't seen the destruction in that game be bettered since. Everything in the game has a strong, satisfying sense of weight behind it, which is ironic, since it's set in the low-gravity setting that is a colonised Mars. It never got boring blowing stuff up, or comedically crashing a vehicle all the way through an enemy base.

Definitely in my top five games of this gen.

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