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Re: What are you playing right now?

I bought an ipod touch a couple weeks ago, for a whole bunch of important and productive reasons. I have not used the device for anything other than Hero Academy so far.

It surprised me how much of a difference having true wireless online multiplayer makes. This is the first mobile gaming platform that I've actually been using in a mobile context. I really like the asynchronous turn structure that is apparently pretty common with ios games as well (you can have multiple games going on and the device will notify you when it is your turn).

Hero Academy itself seems pretty fun. It's sort of a chess-light cartoony strategy game with enough depth to be interesting for at least a couple weeks. Though honestly, I think most of my fun is coming from the novelty of the device more than the game itself.

The biggest problem I have with the game is how hard it is to find challenging opponents. Like most Ipod games, this one is aimed squarely at the casual market, and the casual market is, almost by definition, pretty bad at games. It would be fine if there was some sort of ranking or sophisticated match making system in place, but there isn't. The best you can do is start a lot of random games and only ask for rematches from the players who actually put up a fight. Or you could just play with friends, of course.

I've had a few really close matches, and I'm in the middle of a few more that I could very well lose, but my record so far is something like 25 wins, 0 losses (and I'm still learning how to play the game). I vastly prefer the steeper learning curve of games like StarCraft, where beginning records of 0-25 are probably not uncommon. You learn more when you lose, and when you finally do win you feel like you've earned it.

All in all I'm pretty happy with my purchase. The justifications I made to buy the ipod in the first place still exist, so the games are entirely a bonus. I think I'll move on to Angry Birds soon. See what that's all about.

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