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Re: Mount & Blade

Originally Posted by Pedro View Post
Strangely, I got a mail with your full post, but no sign of it here!
I'm pretty sure no mod deleted it, as the others surely would have told me
I guess it was some freak error when posting...
I think you'll have to give him more than a village to keep him happy.
I gave him a city.

After the Khanate got slowly pushed back inch by inch, I started going on the offensive. I ordered Lord Clais to raid villages, while I would intercept any force trying to attack him. I also only took some Swadian Knights and Khergit Lancers with me, while I put all my other elite troops to my garrison. The numbers were filled up with recruits from Vaegir and Swadia, since Khergit troops under my command started revolting due to low morale. I lost quite some of my fresh troops, but those who survived went up the ranks rather quickly. As soon as troops would reach a very high status I'd put them on garrison and recruit new faces. A lot of influx also came from freed prisoners. I continued for some time with skirmishes against smaller armies, until I got enough able troops to march against Ichamur. Clais was raiding a nearby village, drawing attention to himself when I made my move. With all my elite troops I crushed the defenders and the city was mine. Since I am too busy with war I don't want to deal with managing a city right now. Thus I gave the city to Clais who immediately fell in love with me according to his approval rating.

My exploits attracted another Lord. To give him something useful to do I besieged another castle. That castle had hardly any garrison left, thanks to my ongoing campaign of beating up the Khanate armies before they can get dangerous. I also made it a policy to let friendly faces go free (making them more friendly) and putting douchebags in prison (making them more angry). My hope is that at some point one of the friendly faces might consider joining me rather than being torn to shreds.

My eyes are now on the city of Tulga, where the Khan himself resides. But first I have to take the castles surrounding it. As soon as I can be sure nothing can stab my back I go in for the kill. Luckily the Sarranids are locked in a war with the Rhodoks while the Vaegirs have their ongoing struggle against the Nords and Swadia seems to be happy to go to war with everyone who looks at them funny. I hope that their wars will keep them distracted from me getting to power.

Me too, and I had to stop with Charisma at 15 because my character was so weak, she couldn't even train the peasants.
I also went to 15 charisma before investing some points in strength, agility and intelligence. Now I put my points in charisma again, as well as some in int.

The other bad news is my followers have dispersed when I was in prison and I can't find them again, so I lose all their bonuses too..
The travellers can't tell you where to look for them?

Sounds interesting all right, but I don't have that one. I'd imagine that if you get 30 people with muskets the volleys must be very satisfying!
I still prefer Warband, seems to be just the best overall package. Even though I sometimes wish for a musket :P
One thing that's annoying about F&S is that they didn't really improve the interface, instead they made it worse. In villages you can go straight to the village elder directly, allright. But there are a lot of towns with walls around them where it takes 3 extra clicks just to get to the city menu. And there the position of everything is not consistent. Sometimes the market place is on the bottom, sometimes in the middle, sometimes even on top. Who thought that was a good idea?

I have to admit, this game has sucked me back in to a good extent. Now I just need to grab that pesky Vaegir castle again...
Good luck!

update: after posting I went on and captured another castle, thus I now have 3 castles, 1 town and a handful of villages. The Khanate rolled over and offered peace, which I accepted and resulted in me getting 'right to rule'. Looks like my military might finally makes a dent in the established kingdoms. Let's see if the Kings finally accept me as equal. However, my plans to seize Tulga are just on postponed, not cancelled. I want Tulga, it is supposed to me MINE!
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